Beware who you trust

Beware who you


“In Plain Sight” is an emotional and impactful story set in modern America among residents of a trailer park who struggle not only with their economic situation but also with a net of mysteries and secrets. The fully black-and-white game follows 17-year-old Mackenzie Carter, who desperately needs to find out what happened to her mother. During this journey, Mackenzie also gets in touch with her dear but estranged friend, April, as they both try to uncover the truth.

A deeply emotional story
about small-town


Trailerville seems to be just another sleepy community but upon a closer look, the players will quickly discover that this place never sleeps. “In Plain Sight” is not a survival horror, but a game that proves everybody fights for survival in their own way. It’s up to Mackenzie Carter to decide who she trusts and whose advice she takes. All of her decisions will have an impact on others.

Not a goddamn


The unsettling atmosphere suggests that there’s a supernatural factor to the story but the scariest thing is the reality. Instead of ghosts and demons, the only thing you should be afraid of is the people you thought you knew and loved.

A unique



On a mission to find her missing mother, Mackenzie quickly discovers she knows little about her parent’s plans and dreams. It forces her to question her own take on things with every bit of information found. The story asks very difficult questions about who the people we are related to really are and how much we can sacrifice for their well-being.

You can play this game over

50.000 times

and something will always surprise you.

“In Plain Sight” is a captivating experience with a very cinematic feel, filled with unexpected twists and turns, but rooted in reality. Taking place in Trailerville, where the American Dream is on life support, this game focuses on everyday people’s stories and the heap of secrets each of them keeps. It’s not about meeting new people, but rather uncovering who the people you thought you knew truly are.



We dare to say that almost every item and every interaction with a character has an impact either on the main character, the story, or the world itself. The players are asked to make decisions often. Such decisions will have both short and long-term consequences. There are no bad or good choices, though.


“In Plain Sight” offers as much free exploration as possible considering the size of the project. The player is encouraged to visit the same place at different times of day/night and, depending on their previous choices and interactions, they can always find something new and surprising.


Social and economic issues discussed in the plot are very much rooted in reality.


Different outcomes make every playthrough unique.


Depending on the choices, the character’s development can be affected by stress and anxiety and her reactions and relationships can change because of them.


The release on PC (Steam, Epic Games, possibly Geforce Now or Stadia) will come at the beginning of 2022.


The next step will be to release on X|Series X and PS5 next-gen consoles. The ports will be released by the end of 2022/the beginning of 2023. The Nintendo Switch is being discussed as well.


As a tribute to beloved classic adventure games, we are also preparing a special Amiga and MSX version. This limited version of the game is possible to be ported on other retro consoles and computers.



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