Immerse yourself

in the story

walking in shoes
you would have never thought of wearing.

There was a time when the most poignant and important stories were told by the fire, during a gathering that lasted till the first dusk. Once in a while, strangers and friends alike sat together to share stories. 

We want to tell tales that stay with you, keep you awake at night, and refuse to leave your mind. Our shared, strong belief is that video games can become the most compelling medium to empower us, enrich and embolden.

We’ve been together through thick and thin, which indie game development boils down to. It’s a simple rule, really. When we have each other’s backs, we can make better games and take risks with the narrative and mechanics. Experiments are in our DNA (half of us were raised close to Chernobyl after all), but our goal is very clear.

We are


Those times are long gone, but Fireyside’s ambition is to bring them back in the form of interactive experiences called narrative-adventure games for the general public. We want to tell important, poignant, sometimes painful, but deeply human stories that let you sink into the atmosphere of the time and place.

Stories that


And burn deep

Fireyside, LLC is a fully independent, privately-held indie game studio that was built by and continues to improve thanks to people from all over the world. Founded in 2019, the company welcomed onboard both veterans of the gaming industry as well as newcomers. We are a loud, passionate, and fully committed bunch that challenges each other every day.

Seattle / Portland / Austin / Warsaw / Krakow / Frankfurt

Our ambition is to make the best possible narrative-adventure games, tell stories that matter, mostly focusing on female-centric stories. We believe that there’s still an ocean of women’s stories never told in the form of video games. A no-brainer, since the majority of the team are women.

We write what we


We create what we believe in.

Unreal Engine is our weapon of choice spiked by the custom toolset crafted in-house (or houses so to speak) to achieve better performance and a smoother process of creating narrative-driven games.

We are not trying to be diverse.
We just


At the moment, the core team is located in the US (Pacific Northwest, Texas, and Georgia), Germany, Poland, and Portugal. As a primary rule, we work from home, believing that the creative process demands as much communication as it does a quiet and flexible environment. 

Staying small is one of our priorities; the same goes for remaining an independent video game studio.



Please, do not hesitate to contact us. We never sleep anyway.



Media/business inquiry: PRESS@FIREYSIDE.COM
Technical support: SUPPORT@FIREYSIDE.COM